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The Authors Journey: The Biz of Indy Publishing

The top, succinct podcast to help new indie authors start their business and become published
Authors Journey

Hey folks!

As promised, the latest podcast is finally here and available, and soon to be wherever podcasts can be found.

Let me tell you about it!

The Author's Journey comes from a heart of trying to serve aspiring independent authors. The point is to outline a succinct step-by-step process for building one's business.

This podcast is not a suggestion that I know everything and anything, but (as the sub-title suggests) instead a guide. One where we go through the process together. You see, when I set out on my author's journey, I had no clue how to proceed. Thus, I had a lame start, a bland launch, and made many mistakes along the way. Essentially, I hope to help you not make the same mistakes as me!

Not an aspiring author? Perhaps you know someone who is! Listen, rate it, but most importantly share it, and pay it forward.

You can follow the link HERE to check it out or see the player below to give it a listen.

Have questions or want to chat? You can reach out to me at

Live long, and May the Force be with you!

Izaic Y

P.S. That saying is purposefully wrong ;)

Learn more about Izaic and his work at where fantastical tales can be consumed and other goodies await your discovery


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