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Step Three: Build Thy Author Website

You might be thinking it’s waaaaay to early to build your website. Wrong. Keep reading to learn why and how to start.

Building a website isn't as hard as it seems and it's important to know why you need it.
Build a Home Base

What is a Website for an Author?

Home base. A website provides a space in which you can own the data. A website provides the blueprint for selling direct and accruing a fan base. A good, clean, artfully designed website serves as the face of your brand and can cinch the deal between reader and never reader. 

But I Don’t Have Anything to Offer

Wrong. Remember those short stories from Step Two? You have or are accruing a ton of samplers where readers can get an idea for you as a writer. Not only that but these short stories act as a waypoint to your journey. People like watching journeys unfold. People like joining in that journey even more. Lastly, these short stories are your reader magnets. They are the items to which people will happily join your newsletter in exchange for. While these stories won’t make you money at first, they will lay the base of enthusiastic readers and buyers throughout your career. 

Isn’t Setting Up a Website Difficult?

It can be. . . but in an age of Master Classes and YouTube tutorials, the kind of Author website is dead simple to start. You will want to begin with a one-page scroller ( Rick Riordian's home page is a great example of this - ignore the tabs add an author intro and you got something just right) that does three things: 

  1. Introduces the author (photos go a long way to building a connection if you have a professional one to share.)

  2. Provides a reader magnet where you offer access to your best short story or novella with every sign-up to your newsletter

  3. The means by which readers can contact you

Actionable Steps:

  1. Head to Google to learn how to set up a website. I use Wix for its simplicity but the majority of the internet is run on WordPress. Here is a great article on the steps to set up in granular detail.

  2. Keep the website simple and to a single page for now. This also goes for your website name. For best results I recommend using some combination of your name, i.e. mine is --- The time to build and expand will come later, and you will accrue the skills to do so, but for now, making it easy for visitors to get an understanding of you and your offer is most important.

  3. Once you are finished start sharing small scale and build outwards. Ask your friends and family to subscribe. When you are out at social gatherings and when you are asked, “What do you do?” Share your passion for writing and that you have free stories over at your website.

That's a wrap for step three! Have questions? You can reach out to me at

Live long, and May the Force be with you!

Izaic Yorks

P.S. That saying is purposefully wrong ;)

Learn more about Izaic and his work at where fantastical tales can be consumed and other goodies await your discovery


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