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What is My First Step to Indy Publishing? Write, Write, Write

Every author's career begins with baby steps. Some people have direction in those early precious stages and others (like me) wander until they stumble upon a path. My aim for this post is to help with that “direction.” In short, to give the actionable and succinct advice I would’ve wanted upon setting out on my journey. This will not be the last post of its kind, but the start of an entire series meant to help Independent Fiction writers publish stories that speak to the soul, and pays them to do it. An A-Z Guide, if you will.

Writting is much the same as building the house. The walls, roof, etc are the quick part compared to laying the proper foundation. But every indy author must lay the groundwork if they want to succeed.
Building A House. . .

Step 1:

Build the foundation of the house!

What Do I Mean?

Write, write, write, write. As a fiction writer, people are judging you on your prose, ability to captivate, build worlds, and speak to the soul. That takes practice and finding your voice.

Thus you must write.

What Do I Do?

There are two ways of going about it and neither is wrong. It's just that one of them will benefit you more.

Way #1:

Write your epic, delicious, beautiful novel. This is what I did and what a lot of people do—especially fantasy, and science fiction (SFF) writers. When I started, I spent two years writing a book called Voice of the Jinn (it still has yet to see the light of day).In doing that (writing that book) it helped me to refine my craft, find my voice, and much more.

Sounds pretty good, right? I think so! I think it benefited me. However, there was a better way.

A method that would have allowed me to refine my craft, ability to pitch, and grow an audience at an accelerated rate.

Way #2:

Write short stories and flash fiction.

Why “Way #2”:

I recommend this route because the first stories we write often aren’t our best. When you write short stories you're honing your craft. You're building your discipline, finding your voice, and you're not as attached. And if you want to publish it later, you can go back and fix it cheaply and with relative ease. Feedback comes quicker, beta readers are more willing to commit, and you end up with the necessary elements to build a relationally focused newsletter—more on that in a different post... No, I do not mean relational as you are probably thinking.

Write! Write! Write if thou wishes to succeed as in Indy Publishing
Write Fool!

Actionable Steps:

  • Write, write, write.

  • Finish 10-20 short stories.

  • Edit and revise them.

  • Get reader feedback (start by asking people you know).

  • Edit and revise.

That's a wrap for step 1! Have questions? You can reach out to me at

Live long, and May the Force be with you!

-Izaic Y

P.S. That saying is purposefully wrong ;)

The Authors Journey: The Biz of Indy Publishing will release to all places podcasts are consumed on August 29th, 2023

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