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Crafted using robust aluminum, this durable bookmark features a top slot that holds single pages in place with art to forever memorialize the Lord Ascendant:

The Lord Ascendant's red mask hugged his visage, framing it with high cheekbones and stump-like horns that protruded

faintly from the brow. Each burned an angry cardinal in the light and then faded so that only his silvery eyes could be seen

glowing from the mask's slits—just as Ava's had been moments ago. Somewhere between the fireworks frizzing, dying

sparks, grinding of the clock's gears, and Gith Franz's betrayal, Ava seemed to have lost her heartbeat.

Product Details

  • Aluminum base and white front side
  • Features a slot at the top to hold a book's page
  • The ideal gift for an avid reader

Bookmark Von Lucas

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