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Illustrated by the artistic genius of Julian Florez, enhance the decor of your home with one of the most thirlling scenes from Ascendant: Saga of Valor.

Half running and half dragging Ava, Mute leaped from the open window, leading her forth from the smoke-smothered gear room. A thin line of haze followed them as the frigid air kissed their faces.

"We did it," Ava screamed, but the thrill quickly turned to terror as a curdling yelp left Mute's tongueless mouth. Swarms of flying insects scattered around them, some the size of rats, and others that of a mammoth. The butterflies scattered about them, questing for the freedom of the night sky and the moonlight's embrace. Clutching Mute by the forearm Ava scrabbled for something to hold onto but the insects flapped lazily aside, always just out of reach. Mute bellowed, motioning to one they might land on, but just as quickly as it presented itself the butterfly banked listlessly to the side before rising up and away.

They were falling, right into the pavilion below.  

Product Details

  • Material: 180 gsm fine art photo paper
  • Matte paper finish
  • Scratch and water-resistant
  • For indoor use only

Clocktower Escape Poster

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