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Thank you for stopping by my shop!  The Long May She Reign Mother's Day Tote comes from a need for fashion and utility. Let's be honest every mum is a queen. Every mama has things to do, places to go, and dragons to enchant. This affordable Mother's Day Tote allows that special mom in your life the flexibility to be on the go in style.  I believe that every mother is a queen from which all civilization is born. As a fantasy author who writes all about magic, it is hard to contend with the truest magic of all time: the power to grow and give birth to life.

Hats off to you magic moms.  


It takes 4-6 days in production before shipping out to you, and if you order more than one item, they often ship separately.

Key Features:


1. **High-Quality Material:** Made with 100% durable polyester, a cotton handle, and a laminate inside, and is available in 3 sizes for all the bookish things your mother queen could ever need.


2. **Unique Design:** Inspired by the magic inherent to the epic fantasy genre this tote makes a unique Mother's Day gift with its focus on the role all mums have as the queens of our hearts and the magic by which they bring civilization into creation. Our word design is an ode to the throne on which every mama sits.


3. **Great Gift Idea:** Surprise a momma you know with the Long May She Reign Mother's Day Tote. It’s fashionable, unique, magical, and a useful Mother's Day gift.

Long May She Reign Mother's Day Tote

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