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Ink and Virtue Podcast Network

The "Ink & Virtue Network" is a collection of fantastical podcasts devoted to fine storytelling, and delivering it in a most engaging manner. From cinematic dungeons and dragons' actual plays to audiobooks from Izaic's manuscripts, the Ink & Virtue Network is a sure way to find joy and adventure. This Network was born out of Izaic's need to share his passion for art and imagination to all whom it might bring a smile.

Starlight A DnD Space Opera

Starlight is an episodic space opera that follows three peculiar Spacers as they traverse the perils of the Antiminous Universe, and forever etch their names among the stars. Each one has their own story to tell but the lines of their fates interweave around a great evil seeking to consume a universe in shambles. Like all Actual-Play adventures, this one is unscripted and is being crafted impromptu each episode, and is bound by the rules of DnD, and the dice. We break the bonds of traditional epic fantasy and reach for the starlit enterprises of the universe beyond. Crafting stories of bravery, sacrifice, love, loss, and discovery; in a blend of story-telling via the rules of DnD with the captivating nature of audio drama.

The Redline, The best scifi audio drama at the nexus of sport and fantasy

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