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Character matters. It may be an old sentiment, but it's one Izaic Yorks strives to live by. Professionally, you could say Izaic has the stubbornness of a donkey and the discipline of a samurai. But those closest to him know underneath that sober determination is a heart devoted to grander things. Izaic hopes to share fantastical stories that bring the world a little healing and inspiration by helping readers see the world, and themselves, in new ways.

Izaic spent six years as a professional Track athlete, earning silver in the United States championships, among several other distinguishing awards. Now, he seeks his true passion for authoring fantasy works with a heart for virtues that chase the Good, True, and Beautiful.

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest Izaic is now happily lost in Hillsborough, living the small-town life and raising a growing family with his wife Courtney.

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