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There are a handful of things a person notices first when they're in The Redline or wearing this Redline cotton tee.

First, there's the lack of oxygen. I've trained all my life, with flesh grown from an aborted corpse, modified to withstand even the most rigorous of conditions but even this altitude challenges me. The second thing is the silence. No animal, insect, or any sign of life besides the thrum of my reanimated heart is to be heard. It is only the soft sound of gravel underfoot, the boom of the storm, and the pittering of the rain that accompanies my lonely trek. Thirdly, is the strain of one's muscles, searing, sulking, settling with the fact that I have made bedfellows with the discomfort. I can hardly run for nearly every step is dogged with razor stones waiting to slash through my shoes. The mountains, a blasted furnace with only a tuft of reedy grass here or there, rise and descend in such a manner that traversing one mile takes the time of four. 

Still, I push to learn what it is I am made of. . .


  • 100% cotton for year-round comfort that is sustainable and highly durable
  • Crew neckline
  • The tear-away label
  • Ethically grown and harvested

Redline Brush Stroke

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