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Izaic Yorks. It sounds something like: Isaac (ok, exactly like it. . .), but my parents decided to be

phonetically incorrect, so pronounce it how you want (seriously, this name has made my life a

Key & Peele skit). Way too many years of  running in circles have led to a career as a professional

athlete and in my free time as an author. It was early on in my life, after reading "Harry Potter and the

Sorcerers Stone", (I know, real original. . .) that I realized all I wanted to do was write stories. I spend

my time writing fantastical tales, podcasting, and dadding (not sure that's a word) as a new parent. I

hope you enjoy what I have to offer and if not, well it is a good thing there are million other books!

Rapid Fire Round: What does my dream date include (no, I'm not single, yeesh, this is for the lols)?

1) Coffee baby! Single origin, preferably Guatemalan, pour over with 20 oz beans. Yes, I'm
that guy.
2) An argument concerning the age-old philosophical debate, "Who shot first, Han or
3) Backpacking, far and near, I want to taste that mountain air.

The Yorks
on a sunny day

My Name is Izaic, Nice to Meet Ya!

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