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Virtue, dear friend, is why I write. Of course, I love the SFF genre and love sharing stories, but that alone isn't the reason I am drawn to share them. As an American, there is something unique about our culture and its experiment with freedom. Our forefathers rightfully understood that in the pursuit of liberty, true freedom actually requires self-imposed limitations. Unfettered freedom always and will always lead to slavery, whether of desire, substance, or other foul deviations. As a young man living in our current culture, it is apparent to me, that things like the internet, a departure from once-shared temples of values, and the abundance of ego-inflating opportunities are part in parcel of the larger culture's rot. Simply put, I believe there is a need to share the great good truth, and beauty of virtue.

It is my hope to glorify and reinvigorate the love of virtue and the good it has on our true freedom, and the world around us.

As a reader, you will find all of my books are connected, not by worlds but by the Aspects of Virtue. You can expect the following virtues to be tackled and that which flows from them: The Seven Cardinal Virtues, Three Theological Virtues, Five Classic Virtues, and Plato's Cardinal Virtues.


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