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Izaic Shakeir Yorks

Izaic Yorks is a young man with an old soul. . . one that happens to be crossed with the stubbornness of a donkey and the discipline of a samurai warrior. He is not as cool as the previous sentence makes him sound, nor is his name phonetically correct. His name sounds something like Isaac (ok, exactly like Isaac). As told by the sorting hat, he is destined for book-writing greatness, but should the magical artifact prove wrong, he will be happy knowing that at least he left some unique fantasy stories for his children to love. Izaic spent six years as a professional athlete, earning silver in the United States championships, among several distinguishing awards. He has accrued many skills in the arts and much-good business acumen, making him a unicorn who thrives at the nexus of creativity and conscientiousness. Now, the University of Washington grad seeks his true passion for authoring fantasy works like Ascendant: Saga of Valor, Walktall, and other books with a heart for virtues---chasing the stuff of the Good, True, and Beautiful.

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest Izaic is now lost in Hillsborough, living the small-town life and raising a beautiful family with his wife Courtney. 


Izaic loves to hear from his readers! 

You can reach out to him on his contact page

Or message him at:

(984) 256-5532

Top Independent Fantasy and Sci-fi author Izaic Yorks
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Everyone deserves a good story and that is the reason I write. If you truly can’t afford any of my works but want a copy, then do as follows:

  1. SUBSCRIBE to Izaic’s email list

2. Contact with the subject line titled REQUEST FREE BOOK and in the body type the title you wish to read. Within 48 hours a free pdf of the book will be sent to your email





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