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Warlock seeks answers using dark magic


Three magic gods bring good and noblebright fantasy tales

AITHOS: The planet/world in which the Dragonsfall Trilogy takes place. It is also related to the word "Aedes" meaning: House of Abode (People). 

AHKAN: Minor evil incarnate in the form of fae creatures. While only a story for children their reincarnation cycle represents the never-ending problem of evil and the need of the just to remain vigilant.

ANCHORS: A mysterious source of magic that not only keeps the lands of Aithos afloat but provides several sources of power, life, and economic value. No one knows from which they originate but they are often depicted in art as the embodiments of Hope.

ANKHORIALE: Fuvalan word for Anchor (see Anchor). 

BAILEY: A leveled courtyard or ward within fortified walls called "Curtain Walls."


BLACK ARTIST: The classification for any practitioner of magic.

CATCH LEAF: A special type of leaf that allows most trees and certain shrubs to reach the much-needed light that is often above the thick cloud cover of Aithos. Thin and membranous, catch leaves furl into thin cylindrical cones at night or in a storm. During the day, they open up, fill with gases, and use the wind to rise. They are attached by vines that can stretch upwards of a hundred feet. 

CAVALEIRO: A warrior whose prowess, virtue, and (often but not required) blood earns him this position of prestige in a deme. The name derives from the fact that these warriors are often always mounted on the finest steeds, although it is not a requirement that a cavaleiro even know how to ride a horse. Despite a cavaleiro's background, once anointed, they are often given quarters at a noble's home and are referred to with the same respect as such.

CORPSE: Sometimes referred to as the soulless, they are mindless husks whose personality and soul have been removed by the magic of an Anchor. This forging process turns a Corpse white and they become blank slates that require training and commands. Forged from criminals Corpses are the slaves of The Valley.

COVEN: A gathering of witches.

CRAVING: An affliction resulting from direct contact with an Anchor. The affected becomes enamored with the magical source until their every waking thought is consumed by it. There is no antidote known to man, and the only treatment is therapeutic exposure. Sadly, while this suppresses the Craving, it also increases the veracity of the malady. To come down with the Craving is a death sentence. All Cravings end in tragedy. 

CROWS NEST: A sheltered platform affixed to a balloon filled with gas harvested from whales and tethered by a long rope. Additionally, the platform has harnesses for metal anchors. By balloon or anchor the nest can float or sink. The Crows Nest serves as a lookout for sky ships. Its ability to float or drop at various heights can sometimes allow better visibility in cloud cover. 

DARK ONE: The primordial source of all evil. Most popular traditions see the Dark One as an entity in its own right. Still, others, particularly among the occult believe the Dark One to be a conglomeration of evil incarnate into one form.

DEA DARMA: Also known as the sacred gate. It is not uncommon to find sinkholes that run through the land. Some of these holes have been sanctified for various purposes and never for more than one. Common sanctifications of the sacred gates include passage for the deceased, expellation of demons, and sacrifice.  

DIN'DALION LOCK: A supposedly impenetrable lock mechanism invented by the alchemical branch of the Institute. These locks include a set of six rotating numerals that must be sequenced correctly to unlock it. While it is becoming more common amongst the nobility and merchant class these locks are most commonly used to guard Housing Units and Anchors.

DIVINA QUATO: The four deities of Veratalis. Considered both one body and four, they most commonly represent the balance that leads to beatitudes of life. These balances are most commonly referred to as the following: Word, Form, Spirit, and Charity.

DOCTRINE OF SIGNATURES: A common belief amongst the medical community stating herbs resembling various parts of the body can be used to treat ailments of those body parts.

ENGINE ROOM: An essential room in every skyship that contains the splinter of an Anchor. Similarly to the land from which the splinter is taken, this magical artifact grants a state of flight for the vessel. Smaller skyships tend to have just an Anchor housed within, but larger ones crafted for long voyages will have space for Corpses and the mechanisms for a propeller.

FOCUS: An artifact used by witches and warlocks (see black artists) through which the elements of the immaterial world are brought into the material world. While it is common practice to use a candle formed from rendered human fat. 


FUEBAO: The male half of the legendary Jonastin warrior vocation (see Xikuan-Shi)

GROTTO: A desecrated land or building, usually near or partially flooded by water, in which a group of warlocks or witches come together to cast a spell.

HOLLOWED: The result after a stormkeeper offers too much Inspiration in which the subject of the magic feeds off their soul instead.

HOLLER: Communal hamlets that purposefully live in far-off places. The denizens of these places tend to be fiercely independent and do not desire to get mixed up with affairs of civilization. These pockets of civilization are often so small and difficult to reach they are ignored by the lords and ladies of Veratalis. A longstanding tradition exists in which the denizens of these Hollers will readily accept refugees, criminals, and exiles, so long as they adhere to their strict way of life, don't make trouble, and help those who live there. For this reason, healers and other monastic groups have come to also settle in many of these places.

HOUSING UNIT: An alchemically crafted shell, usually bound by a lock (see Din'dalion Lock), to hold an Anchor shard. These units can come in all sizes.

HUA: The female half of the legendary Jonastin warrior vocation (see Xikuan-Shi)

JESSE: A specialized rope that attaches to a falcon's anklet. The rope serves different purposes depending on length and type. A short rope keeps the falcon attached while training. A long rope allows some freedom from the falcon's perch.

KAITO: The emissary of the Jonastin Empire. A different Kaito exists per island nation. They are steeped from childhood in the affairs if the culture with whom they are to interact. Their most common job is to conduct a successful moot each trade season, but they also represent the voice of the Emperor and are the ones to negotiate terms in times of war.

KEEL HAUL: A form of punishment in which the victim is suspended by a rope from the mast of the skyship, with a weight attached to his legs. Once the crew members let go of the rope, the victim falls and is dragged along the keel (or bottom) of the ship. Aside from the obvious discomfort, this part of the ship is often encrusted with barnacles, causing lacerations to the victim being hauled. In extreme forms, they will periodically drop the victim so low into the lower stratosphere that they become sick with the various toxic gases that are present there.

FO'C'S'LE DECK: is the upper deck of a skyship forward of the foremast

MAIN DECK: The chief deck of a ship, that extends nearly the full length of the skyship.

NIGNWEEK: A week spent in four modes of praise and thanksgiving: magnified glorification, singing, standing prayer, and last the wordless song.

POOP DECK: a deck that forms the roof of a cabin built in the rear, or "aft", part of the superstructure of a skyship.  


SHORTWING: often referred to as“true hawks”, shortwings are best adapted for thick, heavily forested areas, thus making them hunting birds for noble sport. Shortwings typically hunt smaller birds and medium-sized ground game, working from a perch—most commonly a tree or directly from a falconer’s glove.

SOLAR: a series of personal chambers, often built on the higher floors of a castle or keep, for the royal family. These apartments include all the elements of a private home.

STORM JIB:  a small, heavy, triangular sail set at the foremast, and for use in a high wind 

TRADE WINDS: seasonal stormwinds that occur at the change of the seasons. However, they are only considered a Trade Wind when they move one of the unanchored islands near the lands of an Anchored island. The timing and charting of these winds have been observed over the centuries and have been recorded in an almanac that is now used to predict coming winds and those they shall bring. These trade winds are generally cause for celebration, even if the parties concerned may be at war. The unfettered trade that can happen between nations is of more importance than the blood they might spill. 

URIZEN: a never-ending storm that occurs just outside The Valley. The dragons claimed that they were the ones who protected The Valley from its destruction, saying it was the spawn of their evil brethren. Many believe that the Divina Quato placed it there as a limitation to human curiosity. Nobody who has ventured out of The Valley has returned unscathed.

XIKUAN-SHI: Deadly warriors of legendary renown hailing from the high-floating Island of Jonasta. This order of warriors are marked by their red garments ( see Yoroi ) and life of service. Consecration to the order usually begins in adolescence and most never leave except under matters of honor or grievous injury.

YOROI: The special garment of the Xikuan-Shi. This garment is colored bright red and is required to be redyed whenever it fades. Practically the red is meant to obscure injury to the Xikuan-Shi and due to its bright color exemplifies the fearless nature if these warriors. The garment is made up of a loose loose-fitting shirt, trousers, and a sheer veil. Whenever the veil is lowered it signifies that the wearer intends to enter into combat.

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