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What is a Launch Team?

A launch team is a group of people passionate about spreading the word about a new book. The launch team believes in the book. They want to see it succeed and they’re willing to do what it takes so that it does.

What does this look like?


Members of a launch team are the rockets who give the book the extra push it needs to rise into the air to meet new readers. 

The launch team will:

  • share the book with their network

  • request that their local library buy a copy

  • take part in a grassroots neighborhood library campaign

  • review the book on multiple sites

  • add the book to their Goodreads list

  • search and buy the ebook on Amazon using the provided keywords

  • collaborate on out-of-the-box ideas to reach the stratosphere

Why Join?

Being part of a launch team is a time commitment, but there’s no way to better help promote Aithos. You’ll be beside me making this book a success — for which you deserve major credit! I’ll feature your name in the back of the book. You will also receive a hardback bundle from the Aithos Kickstarter complete with a canvas map. There will be other fun things and we will hopefully build a long-lasting friendship.

Huzzah to a new adventure.


If you want to be part of this launch team, here’s an outline of what to expect. For this book launch, I’ll ask you to preorder the book on Amazon for $3.99 by searching via keywords. First, this will give you a “verified purchase” badge on your Amazon review, which signals your review is genuine. Second, by finding the book via keywords that will make Amazon rank this book as the go-to for those words. This will algorithmically have Amazon placing the book in front of people who just visit the site.  Amazon is the number one site, but there will be other opportunities to leave reviews elsewhere. While this is a commitment I’ll do my best to keep tasks to a minimum. Plan to make time to at least read the book, review it, and do any sharing you’ve promised to do (which we will discuss at a later date) I prefer email but am open to using Discord to allow better brainstorming between the team.

The launch date for Aithos is September 2024. Please make sure this fits with your schedule.

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