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It Takes a Village To Raise A Child & A Necromancer To Raise A Village - (a rules-lite ttrpg below)

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

HA! Ok, ok, so that title has little to do with the actual content here EXCEPT that it is a tabletop rpg joke that I saw on Reddit (the infinite void of time-wasting abyss) and simply loved.

At the ripe age of eight, I was introduced to tabletop role-playing games (TTRPG), and I have been playing them, running them, and creating them ever since

I love these games for the stories they can create, the memories they foster, and the real-life intimacy they require (face-to-face, ideally) to be best enjoyed. I am excited to announce that among various projects, I am creating a rules-liteTTRPG in the spirit of Virtue. The game, "Apotheosis" is currently in testing and is important to me for two reasons.

A) It has a unique progression system that has the players seeking to become the Apotheosis of the Four Classic Virtues- Justice, Prudence, Fortitude, Temperance

B) It is my way of addressing TTRPGs that are overly complex and daunting to learn. It is a rules-lite game that only requires one die.

I am not looking to make money, but rather, share a passion of mine. Below is the first of a few PDFs that will contain rules, monsters, and adventures to be released via my blog for anyone to test. I will also be releasing a short podcast companion using Apotheosis to create a fun, immersive, and how-to-play-the-game audio story. So keep an eye out for those over the next few weeks and let me know what you think.

Apotheosis_ Rulebook (Alpha Version)
Download • 27.54MB


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