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Noble King looks out across his kingdom and contemplates the Good, the Beautiful, and the True

  Noblebright Fantasy
       Weaving Stories of

- Izaic S. Yorks

 Words With a Heart for Virtue

Noblebright stories proving dragons can be slayed

A noble ancient warrior stares off into the distance before going to war in Izaic Yorks fantasy novel

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Christian-themed fantasy novels with a heart for virtue

Stories to chase the Good, the Beautiful, and the True

Izaic Yorks shares an image of Aithos the first book in the Dragonsfall series a story of adventure, virtue, and ancient dragons

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Izaic Yorks dream fantasy forest with a noble and happy wizards home in a tree

Hail Stranger!

My name is Izaic Yorks 

Hi! I'm excited you are here. Let me tell you a bit about myself and my writing. I have been many things in my life, a professional athlete, theatre nerd, musician, and even a pizza diletante. My favorite calling God has placed on my heart is that of a writer. If you like fantasy and sci-fi that finds the beauty in the struggle, seeks Good, and chases the truths of our existence then you are in luck - these stories are for you! 

May these stories capture your imagination. 

Stories from my soul to yours 

Author Izaic Yorks smiles after acheiving what had been a previous fantasy of medaling at the US track and field championships


Bad guys with muskets take to the street to find and execute the resistance in Izaic Yorks fantasy novel
zaic Yorks Epic Fantasy Book: Ascendant: Saga of Valor

No one escapes a revolution unscathed

Robot hunter preparing to chase down the hero in a nuclear wasteland  in a scif adventure by Izaic Yorks

The REdline

The REdline

Everyones nervous before the gun

New Arrivals



Izaic Yorks shares Ascendant: A book with a butterfly symbolizing renewal and change on a dark and moody cover. Creating an idea of the noblebright story to come from the darkness
Locked door symbolizing in Izaic Yorks’s coming young adult fantasy series: Voice of the Jiin


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Izaic Yorks shares Aithos: The book cover for Aithos. This epic fantasy story is pictured with skyship flying through the sky and a symbolization of the floating lands bisected by the sword of war. A noble bright tale


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Izaic Yorks shares Walktall: A low fantasy book called Walktall. The cover pictures the most gruesome scene in the story: A bowl with a knife and flesh freshly cut from the protagonist on his journey to becoming the man he is Ascendant: Saga of Valor. Grimdark circusmtances that lead to a noble birght character


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Yorks writes a story of choosing Valor every day. Of seeing how one persons life can have a ripple effect and therefore change the world. And a story of that brings Mercy and Retribution head to head. The characters are so real, raw, and beautiful. The storyline is truly unlike anything you’ve read before with tense politics, well fleshed out cultures, and a journey that takes you around the world and into the hearts and mind of the characters. The magic is complex, dynamic, and makes you want to see more. There is love, war, and magic wrapped into the story of Ascendant: A Story of Valor and it’s a beautiful story that will leave you in tears, laughing, and cheering along.

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