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Happy Monday Friends!

I will admit watching the KS reminds me a lot of a video game loading screen, where I could hardly stand the anticipation of finally getting to play it. In this case, it is waiting to know that Ascendant is officially on its way. It is equally exciting knowing that I am not alone in this, as I consider everyone who has helped to make this come alive a co-conspirator in this story of Valor.

Additionally, my sponsor Brooks Running has come in clutch and is not only spreading the word in some press releases, but the employees have all rallied behind me. Talk about a ride or die family. . . Yes, I am equally shocked that I wrote that, but hey, it is true.


The manuscript for Ascendant is shifting into the hands of my editor, but unfortunately, she was hit with a solid bout of COVID and has been set back about 20-25 days --which moves back my fulfillment date to something more like November. Still, it has been a multi-year process to get this far, and some extra days to make sure this is done the right way is well worth it.


All things considered, my family and I are doing very well. My days are filled with exercise, editing, writing, and playing with my beautiful daughter --I never expected the baby months to be so fun, but hey it is.

Currently, I am in the midst of rebuilding my running volume and should be hitting right around 40 miles this week. With it being week 3 of return to exercise I am just trying to keep it simple and filled with fun. Today in particular was a 6-mile run with 4 tempo-paced striders. Over the next few weeks, I will increase that amount to 10 striders at mile pace while maintaining excellent mechanics.

In terms of uncovering the root of my health problems, in relation to high performance, some interesting findings are beginning to show themselves:

  1. Testosterone is low, in comparison to my normal levels, but not by much.

  2. Metabolically something is affecting my body's interaction with fat cells.

  3. I am a high responder to resistance training and my body has increased muscle mass in a manner that is unproductive to racing as fast as possible. (Basically, I became a man)


  1. Supplementation with fennel, natural foods, and minerals are known for restoring testosterone naturally.

  2. Removing weight room activities and reducing protein slightly to encourage some cannibalization of the unnecessary muscle.


As some of you may know, I also take part in a cinematic Dungeons and Dragons podcast called Starlight. Well, I have a whole new podcast called Ink & Valor: Storytelling. This podcast is just yet another way to bring the joy of stories to the world. Ink & Valor: Storytelling is a bimonthly podcast where I read the rough draft manuscript of my first ever story Voice of the Jiin. The pod features light audio editing and serves to bring a free story to those who do not necessarily have the time or finances to buy a book. Additionally, at every Act in the book, I will be doing an additional episode to talk about what was done well, what was not, and how I would address those things with my current experience. If that is something of interest you can find it HERE or click on the picture above. All right folks that's a wrap and I can not wait to update you all in a few days on the state of the KS. Thank you for the support, and if you have not supported the KS but still want to do so you can find that link HERE Sincerely, Izaic Y


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