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Aithos - A Fantasy Kickstarter is Live

Launch day has arrived!

Outside of book release day of Aithos, this epic fantasy Kickstarter is the most anticipated part of the process. In case you aren’t sure what Kickstarter is allow me to explain. It is a website that allows a project to be funded by the community. As an author, it’s the best pre-order system available. 


  1. I can order the specific amount of product required.

  2. It is a celebration of the backers (those who help fund the project) and allows for special additions only available through Kickstarter.

  3. We can fund past the goal amount and keep making the project awesome. 

Aithos Kickstarter Follow Image
Aithos - A Epic Fantasy Novel Exploring Mercy

 About Aithos:


The Land is Breaking. . .

The Magic is Sick. . .

The Dragons are Dead. . .


Left with few good choices, Magnate Rivia has placed all of his hope in a curious invalid, and foolish expedition. Both men hope to prove the world of Aithos a globe and discover new promised lands. Should the expedition fail the Magnate will be forced to trigger the gears of rebellion against the High King himself.

 A leader must serve thy people, but for Magnate Rivia, will that service come in the form of lush lands or at the end of a blade?


Front Line Blurb:

A Corpse Should Remain Soulless.

An Invalid shouldn’t lead an expedition.

Aithos is book 1 of a 3 part series exploring mercy at its core foundation. The second book is 2 months from completion, and test reads will be nearing completion by the time Aithos is in your hands. These books will be released via Kickstarter every November, as all my books are.

Trade Information:

Length - 789 Pages 

Genre - Arthurian Fantasy ; Action & Adventure Fantasy ; Epic Fantasy ; Early renassaince

You will like Aithos if you like

Realm of the Elderlings (slow burn & character connection)

The Way of Kings (a whole new world with interesting magic)

The Wheel of Time (epic & descriptive fantasy)


Have questions or want to chat?

You can reach out to me at

 Live long, and May the Force be with you! Izaic Y

P.S. That saying is purposefully wrong ;)


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