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Happy Tuesday Friends! Lately, I have been spending my time with my beautiful daughter and amazing wife. Many people don’t know this but 2022 has been an auspicious year that brought the Yorks family its first child. While I have had to cut my athletic season short due to unexplained declines in performance, greater gifts have kept my heart filled with joy and gratitude. For those who mostly know of me from an athletic perspective, it is no secret that the past 3 years have brought me far from the promised world-beater that I was in 2018. I know this is frustrating for all my fans and I do feel that I have continuously let them down. Well, all things eventually come to a breaking point I suppose. Like the characters in Ascendant, I have tried to approach each day with hope and valor in my heart. Stifling ego and pain I have failed more times in the last 3 years than in the totality of my time spent pursuing the sport. Every time I fell I would dust myself off and prepare for the next sunrise, and the next opportunity to chase the win. This year I had not the courage to get back up -or so I believed at first. Following another rapid and unexplained decline in performance, I faced my coach and did what I once considered unthinkable. I told him I could not go on, I could not stand the shame of facing thousands of people and failing once more. He agreed and the season was over in the blink of an eye. Months of hard work (that was not yielding fruit, I might add) were pushed to the side. At first, I admit I felt weak and useless, but I realized that this was the chance to begin anew. Immediately I ceased all athletic activity and since have been meeting with specialists, taking blood tests, and basically funneling all of my determination into finding the root of the issue. Though complicated it is beginning to look more and more like years of chronic overtraining have actually caught up. There are still more things to test and even more to analyze against a myriad of factors, but a way forward looks possible. Rest assured, I will keep you updated as things continue to unfurl!

Latest Kickstarter Decisions

I have been seeking a way to honor the community that is helping to breathe life into Ascendant, and have settled on adding a list of all the backers in the final pages of the book.

Kickstarter Updates

As you all well know, Ascendant is deep into its Kickstarter phase. As of today, we (I say we because I consider this a community project) have nearly rounded out to 50% funding! That is pretty cool, after all, I thought only my family would be interested in reading the overspillings of my imagination. The Kickstarter has 15 days to go before it is over, and I truly believe we can get it done via grassroots word of mouth -which brings me to my ask. Friends, I know you believe in this project, otherwise, you would not be here. So please consider helping to push this project to the finish line in a free and easy way. Open your phone and sift through it for 3 contacts whom you believe might be interested and share the good word. Branching out into our community networks is, I believe, one of the best ways to back and make many things possible. I appreciate you, I appreciate your support, and I can not wait to get Ascendant into your hands.

Garnetian Silk Burning

Last, but not least, a few weeks back I promised to write a small insight into the Garnetian practice of silk burning. First, please allow me to clarify that many of these small fun facts about Ascendant are only available to you. They are tidbits that will increase your enjoyment while reading the book but are just a little too extra to add to the narrative. Silk Burning In the Garnetian culture burning silk is a symbolic manner in which prayer, request, or grief is given over to the ancestors. Fire is symbolic of heavenly power and silk an embodiment of the transcendent nature of life. In Ascendant, this particular culture believes life is ever moving in a cyclical motion of death and rebirth. By burning the silk so then are the thoughts and consciousness of that life taken into the heavens for it to be reborn in the heart of the precanter with the wisdom and gifts of those who came before. Thank you for your time, and help dear friend. Wishing you love and prosperity, Izaic Y


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