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Independence Day

Another Independence Day has come and gone here in the United States and I would be remiss not to spend a few words on this great nation—apart from the fact that the fourth is also my dear sister's birthday. As many citizens of the U.S.A. have noticed there is no illusions to the fact that we all seem to be at each other's throats. Of course, our enemies sense it as well and are making the most of American chaos—bringing to mind a mantra of Joesph Stalin: Push where there is mush. It is a time when

the education and cultural systems have been co-opted by Frankfurt School thought, manifesting into things like/but not limited to Critical Race Theory. Ideas that would have us hate ourselves and try to tear down the values which have made the U.S.A. a shining star in the narrative of the West. Because of this I just wanted to take the opportunity to bullet out some of the reasons to stand proud and united as fellow Americans.

  1. The United States is a place founded on the thumos of Fortitude—that is to say, it is founded on bravery and perseverance in the service of the higher Virtues, Prudence, and Justice.

    1. While far from perfect and with stains in Her past, because of the Virtues intertwined into its birthing documents, the U.S. unlike almost all other nations has been able to handily reconcile with many of its darker deeds.

    2. For example, slavery at the time of the founding was not an inherent American issue but was the norm of the world. Nor was it initially predicated on racism but the supply and demand offered by African tribes who would raid other villages in order to trade slaves—of course, there is nuance here but the example is on the main representative of the bell curve. In this endeavor, the U.S. was not unique but unique to the U.S. was the eradication of slavery of its own volition. From which it joined Britain in a nearly 200-hundred-year quest to end slavery around the world. Simply put, thanks to the telos the Framers infused into the beginnings of this country that enabled such astonishing action.

  1. To be born in the United States is to inherit a noble lineage created from the summation of the two great thought traditions of the West. The Jewish and Greco-Roman traditions. A lineage built on the diversity of ideas. Culminating in far more good than bad in the fabric of the human narrative.

These are just a couple of reasons to stand a little bit prouder as an American. Has the U.S. done horrible things? Of course, such is apt to happen with humans in charge. But in a modern culture that would like us to spit on our heritage, I say that we do not simply measure a society based only on the bad. We also weigh it against the good as well. I say to you that this nation has done far more Good and Beautiful things than Evil, and we have to our Independence Day in part to thank for that.

I hope you had a wonderful Independence Day,


-Izaic Y


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