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Updated: Jul 2

Walktall Bookmarks Are Finished & They Are Gorgeous!!!

"Legend has it that once in a generation, not so often, when the streets are not too loud, and not too quiet, things walk unseen. Things not quite men, but oh so close, and if you looked with just the right sort of look you might just notice fingers a little too long, eyes a little too Deep, and teeth a little too sharp. You see, children, when the streets are just right and the boys and girls without homes are just bad enough, that is when the Tall-Men come. They come to snatch, snatch, and snatch. . ."

Guys! I have to share these bookmarks because they're a testament to how far Ink & Virtue Publishing has come. As some may know, I launched my author career with a Kickstarter for Ascendant: Saga of Valor. By the grace of God, it somehow found funding even though I didn't deserve it. Not because my story was bad but because I did not know how to develop and effectively deliver quality additions. But that is grace for you. After stumbling and cursing my name I have dedicated myself to learning every aspect of Working In The Business to Working On The Business.


  • Craft

  • Copy Edit

  • Marketing

  • Graphic Design

  • Video Design

  • Audio Design

  • Web Design

  • & Much More

This isn't intended to toot my horn but to explain why I am so excited to share these bookmarks. I want to celebrate this win with all of you and thank you for your kind-loving support as I fumble, bumble, and tumble. You make getting up and trying again so much easier.

On to the bookmarks:

Walktall Foil BookMarks Desgined by Fantasy Author Izaic Yorks
Did I mention they're foil?

I love how sleek, elegant, and slightly disturbing these foil bookmarks came out! This is a big step forward and an exciting improvement as I plan next year's Kickstarter for Aithos.

As for these beauties, they will be making their way into the hands of signed pre-orders, Launch Team Members, Launch Party Attendees, and eventually for sale on the site / in holiday bundles.

I am curious to hear what you think.

How do you think these turned out?


Izaic Y


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