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I Can’t Finish My Book

I never have time. . .

Did you know this is the number one craft comment I received all weekend?

First, let’s step back.

I recently attended the Asheville Comic Con and had a blast.

Open Your Eyes Izaic!!!
Showing Off Some Books At Asheville Comic Con

Isn't That Banner Cool?
Talking All Things Ascendant: Saga of Valor

I got to meet new readers, hear personal stories, connect with new friends, and most importantly serve people as best I could. Running into my friend Karen is always a blast and nothing beats a room of fellow geeks and nerds.

Holy Smokes Batman!!!
My Friend Karen: The Bronze Age Batgirl & Some Fantasy Author

Inevitably I ended up in a handful of delightful conversations. Some of these are about the sky and everything under but others turn to craft. Namely, the desire to finish one’s book. This was the first event where I started paying attention to trends (a) to learn how I can better serve (b) to see how to better connect my books with my audience. In all this listening one thing rose to the top:

I’d like to be like you. I just can’t finish my book because [insert reason]. . .

Now, I have no shade to throw as everyone tackles things in their own time and way but I thought I’d share my answer to this question:


I blame my unique background for my annoying brashness but as lessons learned in professional athletics go. . . discipline is the biggest obstacle.

There is a secret to finishing a book and I know you can do it. Ready to hear it?

Write a little every day in a chosen and allotted schedule.

Regardless of current circumstances or past success, the time to act professionally is in the here and now. If becoming a novelist is truly a priority then there is always time to write. There is time to write 100 words a day or 5000. The secret is creating a schedule, pretending your livelihood depends on it, and committing to that which can be faithfully done week in and week out.

All of this is typed in loving firmness and is a principle that can be replicated across a range of disciplines. Let today be the day of commitment. Let today be the start of dreams coming true.

Example: My writing schedule goes something like this.

-Five days a week write 2000 words a day.
-1-2 day a week work 4-8 hours on the business (marketing, SEO, product design, etc.)
-I make almost nothing but with a good strategy and much faith I know I am building towards a sustainable paycheck one day at a time.

Sincerely your friend,

Izaic Y

P.S. Thank you to all who came out last weekend and supported the mission of telling stories of Virtue


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