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Hi friends!

I hope everyone is well and is gearing up for a fun St. Patricks day! All is well out here in the research triangle and it’s safe to say we are having a blast. Just a few weeks ago we explored a little beach town called Wilmington and introduced my wife and daughter to the Atlantic ocean for the first time. It is safe to say that Sil enjoyed it (as it was her first

experience with the ocean) and Courtney was smitten with the fact that sandy beaches exist. What else... Ah yes! The Yorks family has had two reasons to celebrate recently:

1) Ascendant: Saga of Valor finally released

2) Sil celebrated her first birthday. I admit we were nervous about the move east but each week further proves it to be the right one.

Aithos - 108,919 words long & first draft is 60% completed

This epic fantasy novel follows the adventures of Ezhno Aruno Gamello a hunchback invalid alchemist who is trying to free his adopted father from prison by proving that his theories about the world being a globe is true. In a world set on a gas-giant planet, with skyships, and monstrous storms Ezhno will have much to overcome. Simultaneously the story also follows his benefactor, who is funding the expedition, and the dangers of playing politique royale against the High King and even his allies.

WalkTall - 6498 words long & 25% completed

This gritty novella chronicles the journey that makes Mute—a minor hero in the Ascendant—into the deadly rebel that he is destined to become. Kidnapped, depraved, tortured, and abused by the Lord Primes junto WalkTall is an exploration into the re-education camps that exist in China, North Korea, and the once Soviet Union. Additionally, it is an expose and brilliant telling of the triumph of the innate resiliency found within each child.


This coming Saturday, March 18th, 2023, I will release the first chapter onto Kindlevella. If you want to support me there it would, of course, mean the world to my family and I. Members of my email list will get the kindlevella book for free, with updated chapters on a monthly basis.

Click the button below to sign up!


Verglas: My friend Mark Jenkins does it again, releasing yet another book. This story taps into his extensive knowledge of mountaineering and follows a character who must use his wits to survive an expedition gone wrong. The story is spiced with the barest actual magic and a whole lot of magical realism—taking it from a mundane fictional tale to a delightful joy.

The Robe: Christian fiction done so so so well. The Robe is a dense read that follows a roman soldier who winds up with the robe of Jesus following his crucifixion.

Guards!Guards!: Absurdist fantasy is a genre all its own and Sir Terry Pratchett is the grandmaster of the craft. If you want a story that will both wow you and bring a smile to your lips Guards!Guards! then this is the one for you.

Sincerely and with much love,

Izaic Y


Note- I always respond to emails. Let me know how I can serve you!


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