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Yorks Christmas: A Photo Journal

A Yorks Christmas picture is worth a thousand words. . . ?

I don't know if that's true but you are getting some pictures and highlights from the Yorks Christmas.

Reading pop it adventures
Toddlers sit still as often as the blue moon rises

We begin the Yorks Christmas with a 5-hour flight. There is a point where the free seat for a child under 2 just sucks because they are way too big. It doesn't help that our daughter is built like 21-month-old space marine.

Ruston Public Market.
Izaic and Courtney at Ruston Public Market.

From North Carolina to Washington State. There is nothing I miss more than the water, the seagulls above, and the Mt Ranier deciding to get cheeky and peek out.

Grandpa's wisdom
"And if a boy even looks at you, kick them in the tookish"

The best part about the holidays is the magic of seeing a grandchild with her grandparents.

Frosty, Made with homemade rice krispie treats
Made with homemade rice krispie treats

Oh. . . and the magic of bringing Frosty to life and then devouring him. This picture is the only remaining evidence that could corroborate our interactions with eaten, err *lost* snowman.

A child on the way
Beauty and Good

There aren't words enough for some magic but needless to say we are excited to bring another little girl into this world. As a guy, I'm officially outnumbered and I think it's high time I spend inordinate amounts of time splitting wood and other manly things before I lose all my testosterone.

A night for a fantasy author at the zoo lights
Be hive or yellow turd?

Zoo lights. Bees. Time with my girl. You can't wrap these moments and put them under a tree.

Santa does what he likes and were all just living it
It's Santa's world and we're just living in it.

This guy is on my hit list. I don't know who he is but he had the gall to put his arm around my beloved bride, to make candy cane hearts, and even offer her the chance to sit on his lap. Yea, this means war. . . and it raises questions, like, should I embrace the dad bod?


Ok, enough silliness. We had a fantastic Christmas and I hope you enjoyed yours as much as we did. I'd love to hear about your holiday adventures. You can reach out to share at

Live long, and May the Force be with you!

Izaic Yorks

P.S. That saying is purposefully wrong ;)

Learn more about Izaic and his work at where fantastical tales can be consumed and other goodies await your discovery


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