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Why Should We Care To Hope?

Hope and the Anchorverse

a anchor floats over Aithos book one of Dragonsfall
Anchors symbolize the virtue of Hope and is the core inspiration behind Izaic Yorks noblebright fanasy

The Latest Developments in June

As most of you might guess, thanks to the baby, sleep is a precious commodity lately. 

Don’t feel bad. This season of life is full of gifts, and although a night's rest isn’t one of them, so many other things are. 


As I reflect on the many gifts an infant bestows, hope is at the top of the list. I find myself non-stop hoping for who Reina might be, where she might go, and the love she might carry. I hope that I can be the father she requires. I hope she will find a love worthy of her. 


As you can tell. . . the list goes on and on.


But what is hope and why is it something to care about? After all, hope is just one of those ephemeral concepts that is nice to mouth, but is without worldly application. Right?


As you might guess, I disagree. So much so, that the entire crux of my fantasy and sci-fi universe are connected in what I call the Anchorverse. 

A figure walks towards a castle framed by a planet offering hope and wonder in Izaic Yorks Christian fantasy
We dare to adventure into new worlds that inspire our faith and inspire hope


Anchor-: The Western symbolic representation of hope


-verseThe shared universe 


My stories are connected by Anchors — magical manifestations that act as symbols of Hope (of course this doesn’t mean the characters realize or interact with them as such).


So, why should we care to hope?


Because of the Theological Virtues that crown my work — Hope is the one that facilitates the other two: Faith and Charity. 


Hope is the shield against despair. Hope is the anchor to heavenly and virtuous matters. Hope is the launchpad for love. Not only does hope affect us, but through us, it affects others. Perhaps, then, hope is a bit ephemeral but not in its manifestation.


I suppose in a grim world, I’d like to write stories that inspire hope. and all that is noble and bright. It isn’t a surprise to me that our little one would be stirring such thoughts of virtue within me. After all, children are little bundles of hope. 


Book Review

I recently finished Jade City and had a lot of fun with this read — even if it went against my world beliefs. I rated it 4 stars and enjoyed the cinematic nature of the story, but hated the underlying messages. Get a copy if you want to read, Godfather x Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon x Bruce Lee!


Read my full review HERE


Purchase the book HERE


(Yes, that is an Amazon affiliate link if you’d like to support what I do)


Project Updates: 


Book 3 (Aithos Part 3) (Release Nov 2026) - 80% outlined


Advent Sinister (Aithos Part 2) (Release Nov 2025) - 227,815  words: Draft 1 is

100% complete | Edit 1: 45% complete 


Aithos  (Release Nov 2024) - 178,184k words: Funded on Kickstarter  | Final Copy Edit: 100% complete


Have questions or want to chat?

You can reach out to me at


Learn more about Izaic Yorks and his mission to write Noblebright Christian fantasy at

 Live long, and May the Force be with you!

P.S. That saying is purposefully wrong ;)


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